Hillary Clinton is one of the worst two faced hypocrites this country has ever seen, but it's not just her. The entire Clinton family seems to have somehow inherited some gene to make them all pathological liars and massive hypocrites. We all saw it when Bill Clinton was president and we can't seem to stop seeing as Hillary tries to scratch and claw her way to the presidency.

It would seem this family trait was passed down to their daughter, Chelsea Clinton. Chelsea has always demonstrated the family moto, "not for thee, but for me." Well she just stayed true to those family values with her recent move to show just how two-faced one person can be in a single day.

Chelsea Clinton has always tried to preach and pretend that she is an advocate for "renewable energy" and "going green." However, she showed just how much she cared about the environment when she strolled up to the "Clean Energy Roundtable" in Asheville, North Carolina, on Wednesday in her very own private jet.

Chelsea had reportedly spent the first part of the day campaigning for her mother in nearby Greenville, and instead of just driving over to Asheville she chose take her own private jet. Don't worry, it runs on bio-diesel and is made of only recycled metals. Oh wait, no it's not. That doesn't exist.

Chelsea feigned her support for green energy by telling an anecdote about her sweet granny who bought her a membership to the non-profit Greenpeace, when she was young.

"She told me when I was a little girl — maybe seven or eight — that she was no longer going to give me tangible gifts for Christmas," Chelsea said. "She was going to give me a membership to an organization that I really believed in. So it was really exciting."

I'm sure Greenpeace doesn't know that she was reciting that story on her short trip over in her private jet, and I bet they wouldn't approve if they did.

"I obsessively cut up the plastic rings around soda cans so that my trash from Arkansas wouldn’t kill marine wildlife on the Gulf Coast," said Chelsea.

So as long as you cut up some plastic you can take a private jet anywhere.

Her mom and dad must be so proud of their little hypocrite daughter. Although she hasn't quite silenced any sexual assault victims or blatantly lied throughout an entire presidential debate she still has plenty of time to get to her parents level and it looks like she's on the right path, or wrong path from anyone but a Clinton's perspective.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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