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Hats off to Obama for such a tear-jerking performance recently at the White House briefing on Tuesday, where he enacted executive gun control.


His tears were so unexpected and out of place that many suspect they were just that: out of place.

While Obama was preaching about how much he needs to take our guns away from us for our own safety, as if we are young children, cameras caught some very interesting footage.

Even before any tears can be seen running down his face Obama can be seen wiping his face.

If there are no tears then what was he wiping off, or perhaps wiping on?


There have been accusations that Obama may have intentionally wiped some sort of irritant in his eyes to really get the waterworks going.

It was reported that immediately after he feverishly wiped away nonexistent tears that his eyes became very red.

Very suspect.

This may very well be another performance in the ongoing tragedy that is Obama's presidency.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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