During the debate last night something very troubling was heard on the microphone during a crucial moment. This is not some sort of conservative conspiracy theory cooked up by the big bad conservatives. It can be heard on every video of the debate. It just shows how much Hillary is willing to cheat to win.

Mad World News has more:

The strange whisper came towards the end of the debate as moderator Chris Wallace asked about the topic of Aleppo in Syria. Hillary was struggling and had a momentary brain freeze on immigration and Muslim refugees coming into our country, which is one of the biggest topics of this presidential election for Americans.

Hillary must memorize all of her talking points in advance, but what if she freezes during a crucial answer? They needed a backup plan, and that plan seems to be some way they can communicate with Hillary, but that won’t be picked up on the hot mic. However, something went wrong and “the whisperer” was picked up for about 3 seconds.

Many say “the Whisperer” was from an earpiece, some say covert “comms” or a communication glitch went live for a few seconds.

Hillary stumbled, and although it was really quick, you can hear a whisper as she pauses while talking about the Orlando shooter. The whisper was caught on Hillary’s hot mic as she was grasping for words. Hillary’s campaign must have been in panic mode since she needed to make the point that the Orlando shooter was born in America, with their point being, we should not fear Muslim migrants when we have homegrown terrorists.

While there’s debate about what the whisper is, we know what the whisper is not. It’s not any pundits. Their mics are all off during a debate, and the fact that the whisperer is heard on every video of the debate from CBS, PBS, CNN, FOX, and even MSNBC tells us it is not doctored. It’s a whisper coming directly from Hillary and caught on her hot mic.

Should we be surprised? We all know Hillary has major health problems and that she has frozen before with her mystery handler coming to her rescue, who had to give her a verbal cue to start talking again.

A shocking Wikileaks email backs up Hillary’s strange demands which she requires while on stage for speaking engagements, also giving credence to the fact that she is worried about her health. Huma Abedin wrote to Hillary campaign manager John Podesta:

“Just want to make sure someone has coordinated with you on hrc [Hillary Rodham Clinton] speech set up. She won’t be able to give it in the round like [Bill Clinton] does walking around with microphone. Are we able to set it up so shes speaking at a podium [sic]? [via Wikileaks]

Then, there’s this nugget of information: Hillary’s cabal knows she is “super sensitive” about her health, proving her illness is no secret in her inner circle. If someone is relatively healthy for their age, they are not sensitive regarding their health nor do they need a strategy to cover it up as Robby Mook, her campaign manager, discussed with campaign chairman John Podesta:

“Have you talked with her at all about taxes and health? I’m [sic] know both are hyper sensitive but I wonder if both are better dealt with very early so we control them — rather than responding to calls for transparency. What do you think?” [via Wikileaks]

In the correspondence, another member of the Clinton camp says, “I don’t know how likely that is but the press is on a transparency kick.” That statement proves that when it comes to the Clintons, the press demanding any transparency is just a “kick,” meaning it’s not normal operating procedure.

The big network cable TV news and liberal rags like the New York Times may be in the bag for Hillary, but the American people have wised up. Hillary is a disaster. She has major health issues; she has been around for 30 years, getting rich with the corrupt Clinton Foundation, pocketing donations meant for disaster victims; she put a server in her basement, putting all our lives at risk; and she has paid agitators to beat up Trump supporters.

Source: Mad World News

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