Nobody knows if the criminal in the footage captured below is a Black Lives Matters thug or not. The fact that he is a thug is really all that does matter. He is a thief as well. He stole merchandise from the Berkeley College Bookstore in the Prudential Mall in Boston, Massachusetts.

In response to the dispatch that there was a crime in progress, 21 year veteran Boston police officer, Edward Fleming responded. Fleming had been on duty with a construction crew up to that point, but when the call came in he took action.

The video shows Officer Fleming confronting the thug in a hallway, near an elevator. Animated conversation ensues whereby it appears the officer was attempting to handcuff the perpetrator. In the background, down the hallway, unbeknownst to Office Fleming was Ned Flood, one of the construction workers on-site with Fleming. It is obvious Flood followed Fleming in what can only be described as part of American patriots stepping up and watching the backs of our men and women in blue.

Flood just hangs back for quite a while. He casually stands there, then leans against the wall, and observes the altercation. It is at the point that the thug bum rushes the officer and tries to go around him that Flood intervened. The man is huge and he covered the distance between he and the thug in a few short strides. With what appears to be very little physical effort on his part, he relocates the thug all the way back across the hallway, to near the elevators and quickly takes him to the ground.

With some wrestling effort, Flood and Fleming, and one other man, Robert Doyle, a coworker of Flood’s managed to subdue the thug, who was seemingly handcuffed and hauled off to where he belongs, behind bars.

For your viewing pleasure, there is surveillance footage of the entire event. Enjoy!

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