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Anybody else notice how bullying has gotten worse since the weak cowering lefty libs got their agenda to “stop bullying” into our education system?

We are raising a nation of wussy pacifists who are willing to run scared or allow themselves to be walked on and abused. Well, there is one bully victim out there who had had enough.

This encounter took place in a neighborhood somewhere in America. The punk bully was in a mood to pick on his victim. Naturally, the surrounding crowd of bestial thug teenagers, a dehumanized version of teenager we are raising a society, are standing around egging it on.

The would-be victim, pushed up against a metal rail and is telling the crowd he does not want to fight. Some little hussy in the background is saying the victim is always proclaiming he wants to fight this loser bully.

Who knows if this is true? Often victims talk big in order to assuage their guilt of being weak. It is a self-defense mechanism.

Well the kid got over it. He got bitch-slapped one too many times. The mini brawl erupts and the kid who was getting picked on unleashes. He picks the bully up by his legs, dumps him on his back and a wrestling match ensues. 

The bully took a few rounds to the face and it looked like it was gonna get ugly, when a car rolled up and woman is heard telling them to stop. It seems like it did as the victim is seen walking off, but the video cuts off at this point as well.

Victims of bullying need to stand up for themselves and they need to be treated with respect for doing so. That is the only way bullies are going to stop, just as it was stopped here.

Source: Mad World News



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