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Michael David Hart was angry. And high.

The 23-year-old had been unable to stay awake as he was getting a tattoo and eventually the tattoo artist asked him to leave and come back later… when he wasn’t high.

So, Hart went to his car, retrieved his gun and fired wildly at the front window of the Damaged Ink Tattoo parlor in the strip center.

But instead of hitting the tattoo shop or artist, the bullets shattered the window of the Paisano’s Barbershop next door, coming within inches of a four-year-old girl who was in the shop with her mother.

The situation unfolded on a weekday morning at a strip shopping center in Chandler, Arizona.

Surveillance video shows the unidentified little girl seated alone on a bank of chairs next to the window watching the television in the barbershop waiting area, then suddenly jumping and running as the glass behind her shatters.

Hart took off in a vehicle with 21-year-old Rafael Nicholas Santos and a third, unidentified, Hispanic male, but was easily identified by the tattoo shop owners.

A mugshot from a previous arrest and a prominent tattoo on his neck assisted in the identification.

The girl was taken to the hospital for treatment of cuts caused by flying glass, but for only a matter of inches, the girl would have been killed.

Hart and Santos were arrested and charged with aggravated assault and endangerment.



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