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Monday morning Boston Police have released surveillance camera footage of suspected terrorist Usaama Rahim being shot and killed. In the footage you can see FBI agents approach Rahim and surround him. After a few minutes he then drops to the ground after being shot. Police and FBI say that Rahim approached them with a large knife resulting in one cop and one FBI agent to open fire.

Boston Herald reporter Mark Garfinkel tweeted a photo of the knife that Rahim was apparently holding.

Police suspect that he was planning to behead Pamela Geller. Geller is the organizer behind the “Draw Muhammad” contest in Texas where cartoonists drew Muhammad while poking fun at the fact that jihadists can't seem to handle any type of cartoon.

Here is a clip where Geller responds to CNN about how she feels knowing that she was being targeted to be beheaded.

Do you agree with Geller? Do you think Usaama Rahim got what he deserved?



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