In Obama's America, groups like the black lives matter group and other race-baiters and anti-police groups have not only made it seem acceptable to disobey law enforcement and have even encouraged violence against and killing of police officers.

This is apparent in the recent increase in negative attention police have been receiving and the massive spike on police attacks and officer murders. Well, one thug thought that he could attack a police officer and win, without any consequences.

He couldn't have been more mistaken. Luckily, the whole incident was caught on video, and now the rest of his BLM thug buddies can see for themselves, it's not supposed to be a fair fight.

In Fresno, California an entitled thug thought that he was above the law and could just jaywalk anywhere that he pleased. When one officer stooped the high schooler to have a chat with him the thug-in-training decided he wasn't going to listen to the officer and he planned on doing a lot more than just talking to the officer.

The video below shows the entire exchange:

The thug refused to comply with any of the officer's requests and quickly escalated the situation into a heated engagement.

The officer was forced to grab hold of the punk and order him to the ground. The disobedient brat still fought back against the officer and tried to run away from the officer, forcing the officer to push back harder against the young thug.

Even more enraging is the group of cheerleaders that the delinquent had around him screaming "black lives matter" the entire time, as if this punk was some victim of a racist crime.

If the kid, who was breaking the law, had just listened to the officer's requests there wouldn't have been any problems more than a likely chat about him breaking the law. Instead, the punk decided to act like a thug and fight back against the cop. When you act like a thug you're going to get treated like one, plain and simple.

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Source: Mad World News

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