Senior officer Dan Whitney was working a regular Tuesday morning shift in Athens, Georgia, when he heard a distress call come over his radio. He immediately responded to the call from a nearby neighborhood quickly made his way to the scene. Whitney didn't anticipate the scene to be as bad as it was and what he did in the following few minutes after arriving on the scene has shocked the world.

When Dan Whitey responded to a call about a crashed vehicle at 3 a.m. he expected it to be bad but he didn't expect this. When he arrived on scene he saw that the vehicle had slammed into a tree head on and was in flames.

From the state of the car he knew he had only seconds to act if he were to save the lives of the people inside.

What makes this story even more remarkable is the footage that was captured by Whitney's body cam documenting the extreme heroism that Officer Whitney displayed that day.

Whitney saw the smashed SUV engulfed in flames and quickly ran to grab his fire extinguisher in an effort to put out the fire.

After many failed attempts Whitney realized that he would not be able to extinguish the flames and only had seconds the ticking time bomb of a car exploded in a deadly fireball.

The video shows Whitey approaching the vehicle frantically trying to save anyone who may have survived. Somehow one passenger managed to live through the crash and the fire but was now only seconds away from an explosive death.

Whitney ran in, knowing full well that the car could explode at any second and take his life too.

He smashed the driver-side rear window and dragged the trapped passenger away from the burning vehicle just seconds before the car exploded, ripping off Whitney's body cam.

Whitney and the passenger both survived thanks to Whitney's extreme selflessness and heroism. He has now been nominated for the "Protect Life" Rise Award, and it would seem that he more than deserves it.

Black Lives Matter never seems to care about the countless officers that charge head first into danger in order to save lives. Black Lives Matter is more concerned with setting cars ablaze rather than the officers who charge in to save people from them.

For every officer that Black Lives Matter chastises there are ten other putting their lives on the line to save even those who hate them the most.

Please share this story on Facebook and show that while Black Lives Matter is busy setting fires the police that they hate so much are busy saving people from them.

Source: Mad World News


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