Although the mainstream media and the political elite attempt to legitimize this hate group, the evidence is overwhelming that Black Lives Matter is a radical fringe group of social malcontents, who use intimidation as a pretext in their “social justice narrative.”

The irony of course is that outright bullying is a tactic used by this group, while at the same time their financial backers, and the political elite publicly condemn “bullying”, however stand silent about this group, they support.

The marauding rampage by this group in attempting to shut down Mall Of America where about 500 protesters initially gathered early Wednesday afternoon, then abruptly walked out while chanting, 'What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!'

This merry band of social misfits interrupted and finally shut down a kid’s Christmas carol singing group, and of course intimidated both shoppers and store employees.

The nationwide protests continued unabated in several areas of the country. Several people were arrested at Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport after blocking access to one of two terminals and causing major backups on nearby roads, police say.

Some protesters took a light-rail train to the airport from the Mall of America, where protesters started the Black Lives Matter rally to bring attention to a recent police shooting of a black man in Minneapolis.

Watch the video below:

Protesters peacefully went to a nearby light-rail train station that allowed quick access to the airport a few miles away.

Mall Of America is private property and as such “no one” has a right to protest if Mall Of America does not want them there. Last year they caused a disturbance for hours, and dozens were arrested. This time the police were ready for them and moved them out right away.

Moreover this group has become increasing violent, and as stated there’s a small however extreme element within this group that has used thuggish tactics, hurting bystanders and destroying property.

Here are some examples from social media of the holiday disruptions the BLM hoods caused:





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