“Betrayal” is indeed a powerful force, and aside from love it’s perhaps the most consuming emotion of all. It can either destroy you or motivate you to seek revenge or perhaps enlighten you.

And it seems that’s exactly what has happened to this African-American gentleman, as he realizes that he’s been taken for a ride and betrayed by the “huckster in chief”, President Obama.

This video recently surfaced as this middle-aged gentleman standing outside of the North Atlanta Trade Center in Norcross, Georgia, began an emotional discourse of this administration’s willful betrayal of America and in particular African-Americans.

Shouting to anyone and everyone passing by; “Obama has failed us, it’s time for somebody to make a stand!”

The 4-minute video shows the utter frustration of this passionate and enlightened gentleman as he speaks with onlookers; “I never voted before, and I voted for Obama twice. He broke my heart…he broke my heart!”

He continued; “we’re taking back America, we need Donald Trump!”

“Donald Trump is the man; he’s going to take care of America, every last one of us must fight for Trump!”

Ironically African-American’s under this African American president have done considerably worst in terms of economic growth, and will without question do even worse in the coming year, as thousands upon thousand of Illegal aliens compete for minimum wage jobs and for other social benefits.

Watch the video below:

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