This recent video of an elderly gentleman being brutally attacked by a thug, hardly received any news coverage.  Perhaps because the thug doing the attacking was black and that seems to be an issue and the cultural divide between the mainstream media and unbiased reporting, especially within the last decade.

And that perhaps the reason why more and more viewers are turning away from the nightly news channels, and seeking alternative sources like the US HERALD, for their news.

In that the liberal mainstream media prefers to portray racial violence in just one direction, white on black, so expect to hear nothing from them regarding Tuyen Nyugen, who fled the communist nation of Viet Nam with his wife of 62-years to seek a better life.

And he had, until he was brutally assaulted on September 25th, by a black man between 40 and 50 years old, 5-feet-10-inches tall and weighing 160 pounds, who is still on the loose.

Surveillance video shows Mr. Nyugen walking alone when he was suddenly attacked and punched to the ground. The thug continued assaulting Mr. Nyugen, punching and kicking him, and then rummaging through Mr. Nyugen’s belongings which had spilled from his pockets when he was knocked to the ground.  Mr. Nyugen is now lying in a hospital in critical condition from the brain hemorrhage and broken eye socket he suffered.

However don’t click your remote to NBC, MSNBC, CNN and ABC, to find out how this amazing 83-year-old man is doing, like the initial assault they’re simply not interested.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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