“Young black men are going to have to realize that authority figures have to be respected. You cannot point a gun at a police officer and expect nothing to happen. You cannot, you will not, you shall not point a firearm at a law enforcement officer.”

(Milwaukee County (WI) Sheriff, David Clarke, 8-20-2015)

The concept he clearly laid out above, while speaking with Fox News Channel’s, Shannon Bream, is a simple one; point a gun at a cop and you will be shot. Period. Clarke was on the show to address the “Black Lies Matter” movement, as he has re-coined the movement.

While there he discussed the night that little Jamyla Bolden, aged 9, was shot and killed by a stray bullet. Clarke pointed out that no one protested her killing, rather they were out protesting the death of Mansur Ball-Bey, crack-head, who pulled a gun on the cops and got himself capped. In addition to Jamyla’s murder, a nearby 93-year of Tuskegee airman-hero was jumped, another murder was committed, and the “Black Lies Matter” crowd said absolutely nothing.

Jamyla, as he said, is an “inconvenience” for the group. Their focus is that of anti-police. He’s right. The anarchists do not care a whit about anyone who is hurt, or dies, not even the children in their own neighborhoods.

They only care about turning the country against the police, and if they have to sacrifice the lives of innocent at the blood-stained hands of their murderous trash-brethren so be it.

The tragedy of Jamyla should wake everyone up to the fact that this is not about police brutality, this is about thuggery. It is a violently deceitful and manipulative movement built on lies, willful ignorance, willful stupidity, sadism, narcissism, and entitlement.


The Black Lies Matter crowd needs to be stopped.


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