In a video that has garnered over 100,000 views, two teenagers, one black and one white, got into a fight after walking out of a shopping mall.

At first glance the white teenager, who is shorter and smaller appeared to have little chance against the bare-chested, black teenager. That all changed as the white teen threw the black teen to the cement and proceeded to pummel his face.

After hitting the black teen until he struggled to get up, the white teen taunted him and told him to get up. The black teen struggled to his feet but the white teen hit him again.

Though it's unclear who the real thug is in this video and it's impossible to understand who instigated the fight, what is clear is that violence among teenagers isn't black and white.

Unfortunately, there is violence on both sides. However, the best takeaway from the video is that bare-chested thug, no matter their race, might not be as tough as they want you to think.

Hopefully we can move forward in our thinking and discussing past the point where we need to use our hands to hit and punch our way to freedom. But if, on the way, we have to fight, let's hope we can fight like this guy.

h/t: Conservative Tribune



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