Don’t you just hate it when stupid people, trying to sound slightly under halfway smart, speak slowly, carefully enunciating, using big words, poor analogies, and attempt to discuss concepts they clearly do not have the mental wherewithal to even begin to understand? It is truly infuriating. You can’t have dialogue with a moron. It just does not work.

In the news of late has been a perfect example of this. There is a video making the rounds that features a black hate mongering racist thug, while looking down his nose at the viewer, gives a speech and appears to herald a call to kill all white people. He references the slaying of Sheriff Deputy Darren Goforth, at the Chevron in Texas, as only a Cretan like he can;

“So you have a black militant or angry black man execute a cracka cop in broad daylight, this is real, it is open season on killing white people and cops, it is unavoidable, inescapable.”


Not only is he a racist, and stupid, he is a dangerous thug with visions of murder dancing through his head. There is no conversation that can be had with a wack-job such as he.

It is because of the hero-worship of people like Farrakhan, Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, Holder, and others, that freaks like the guy in the video, whose minds are clearly weak, are so susceptible to delusions of violent grandeur.

They sit at the feet of their heroes and lick the soles of their boots and become the filth their leaders step on to get ahead. They are being used and they don't even know it.

It is tragic and unfortunately, the rest of us are paying a violent price.

How pathetic. How “Hope and Change” for ya’.

Source: Mad World News

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