“If black lives matter, how come you ain’t cleaning up your own community?” That question by outspoken pastor Johnathan Gentry was the first salvo fired at the radical “Black Lives Matter” movement. Followed in rapid verbal fire on Fox’s “Your World With Neil Cavuto” last week.

The bold pastor asked. “Where were you at in Chicago? Where were you at in Baltimore? Where were you at in Ferguson last week when Jamyla Bolden was shot dead in her own home in a drive-by shooting on Tuesday night?”

The barrage continued; “If you want to recognize black lives, recognize the ones that we are killing in our own communities.”

However the good pastor didn’t stop there, in fact he was just warming up by issuing a direct challenge to the presidential candidate, telling them that no candidate should be afraid to confront this group. If anything, candidates should call out the protesters for their blatant hypocrisy.

He continued: “The only one I think who would hit them where it hurts is Donald Trump,” Gentry predicted. “He wouldn’t be afraid to talk to them.”

Relevant video starts at 0:18

And of course the good pastor may be right, in light of the recent intimidation tactics used by this group in silencing Democratic candidate Martin O’Malley, who actually apologized to the protesters for having the audacity to suggest that “All Lives Matter.”

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