What happens when you have two heavily armed groups squaring off at one another? You have a very heavy police presence, also heavily armed and hopefully attempting to keep the peace.

And that was the actual scenario taking place in Dallas, Texas when a planned demonstration by armed members of a group called BAIR - the Bureau for American Islamic Relations, came to South Dallas to protest the local mosque connected to the Nation of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood, and a counter protest organized by a group called the Huey P. Newton Gun Club that included members of the street gangs the Bloods and the Crips, as well as elements of Black Lives Matter.

Leaders of BAIR said their concern with the Nation of Islam is part of a larger concern that leaders of mosques around the country may have ties to terrorism and the Muslim Brotherhood, the Bureau for American Islamic Relations.

The police kept the BAIR protesters penned up about 100 yards from community members, many of whom were shouting angrily and accusing the group of being the Ku Klux Klan, a group that BAIR has no known connection to.

That false belief angered the crowd and was being spread by local Nation of Islam and Black Lives Matter groups, says BAIR director David Wright. Wright says the group is concerned with Islam, not race issues but that the lie was spread to get non-Muslim black residents to support the protest.

Huey P Newton Gun Club has organized a number displays against police violence, marching for justice for Michael Brown, Eric Garner, James Harper and others.

The New Black Panther for Self Defense was established in Dallas in 1989.

h/t: Breitbart


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