University of Iowa student, Marcus Owens, has managed to garner himself the proverbial 15-minutes-fame. In doing so, he also shot himself in his own foot. He went on a drunken bender and antagonized some guys in a bar.

White guys. That means the white guys were just supposed to stand there and take whatever violently aggressive stupidity that Owens lobbed their way. If they were to defend themselves and shut Owens down, that would be racist.  And….so the story went.

Iowa City police went on a snipe-hunt to find the white guys who assaulted Owens, because that is the tale he told. He forgot the part where he was the thug jackass who started it all.

Fortunately, surveillance footage at the Eden Lounge tells a different story.  As reported by the Cedar Rapids Gazette, Marcus Owens was observed, “acting aggressively, shoving and pushing and yelling,” during each of the THREE incidents of “hate-crimes.”

It did not take too long before law enforcement figured out who the real culprit was, and that was Marcus himself. In fact, at the time Marcus claims he suffered his beat down, surveillance footage shows that he “was not even present yet at the bar at the time he reported he was assaulted.”  Nope. He was a last-call belligerent drunk who decided to cause a ruckus.

Will he be arrested for filing a false report? Will he be getting a bill for Iowa City PD’s wasted time?

Of course not! He’s black! The city, “has real social justice issues needing attention,” relayed the PD to the Gazette.

There were many things that probably played into why Marcus came up with this story and maybe eventually felt painted into a corner on this,” according to the Iowa City PD Captain.

Really? Is that the excuse these days? How about the next time some white guy holds up a liquor store you roll with, “gee, he was just having a bad day, and ‘felt painted into a corner on this,’?”

He came up with his story because he a racist. He is a violent BLM thug, and right now he, and his BLM buddies are running roughshod over your city.

Good luck with that Iowa City.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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