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For those of us who have followed the creation of this radical group, there’s never been any doubt that Black Lives Matter is simply a racially charged “hate group”, promoted and disguised as a civil rights group.

However this open/secret has finally been exposed by Black Lives Matter co-founder Marissa Jenae Johnson on an “O’Reilly Factor” special Sunday on Fox News.

Johnson once again took the opportunity to falsely accuse law enforcement of indiscriminately gunning down black people, saying that blacks are “literally being gunned down in the street” and “being rounded up and mass incarcerated and forced into prison slavery” while white people say all lives matter.

Then stating; “What it’s gonna take to dismantle white supremacy is white folks actually gotta give up something,” she said. “You have to actually sacrifice yourself. You have to be willing to give up the things that you currently benefit from.”

Once again a dangerous and false narrative is being publicly promoted by those that continue to exploit those they claim to represent.

Marissa Jenae Johnson is simply another “race hustling pimp” that has joined a long list of other more prominent race baiters and politicians, looking to make a name for herself.

Using the plight of those young African-Americans within those inner cities that have been exploited by those that claim to be their advocates (like Marissa herself), and using race as a wedge issue for countless generations.

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