Black Lives Matter protesters have been in the news constantly since the movement began to gain momentum months ago. While the group may have initially been spurred to action out of real need, it's readily apparent that the protesters are out of control.

Nowhere is this more visible than in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Black Lives Matter protesters have camped in front of a police station for 2 weeks in an attempt to close the station.

That station, the 4th Precinct, is under fire because protesters allege that police officers killed an unarmed and handcuffed black man who was being arrested, Jamar Clark.

In a video posted on the site LiveLeak, one Black Lives Matter protester can be heard shouting racially-charged epithets at a black police officer who is on duty guarding the police station from the protesters.

"How your family feel? Your momma and daddy are rolling around in their graves."

The video clip contains explicit language and the woman shouting at the black officer shows no compassion towards his race or his vocation.

The woman also tells the officer multiple times that he should go home and kill himself.

"You helping them kill us, your own race. That says very little about you. You’re low, you’re real low."

It's unbelievable to see someone attacking a police officer with such vicious hatred, especially because the police officers, in so many instances, go out of their way to protect free speech marches and protests like the ones that the Black Lives Matter movement relies upon.

Have we reached a point in our society, where the only way we know how to show disagreement with something or someone is to verbally assault them in public and to attack them personally?

This protest might also be more palatable if the specific instance these protesters are attacking were more unsolvable. Jamar Clark, the man who protesters are saying was shot while handcuffed, was beating his girlfriend when police responded to the situation. Then, when he was being arrested, police have stated that Clark attempted to grab an officer's handgun while he wasn't handcuffed.

This is the type of person that these protesters are standing for. Not the police. It's extremely sad.

h/t: Daily Caller

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