A well-known activist and founder of the Black Lives Matter movement in Alabama created a disturbance at a rally for Donald Trump in Birmingham where the candidate spoke to a capacity crowd of 10,000 on Saturday morning.

Mercutio Southall Jr. interrupted Trump’s speech by chanting “Black Lives Matter,” the slogan of the movement by the same name, while filming himself on his cellphone.

Trump responded from the podium, “Get him the hell out of here, will you, please?”

Some in the crowd of Trump supporters returned Southall’s chant with “All lives matter,” the same sentiment that resulted in Democratic candidates, Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders, being booed from the stage at recent campaign events. O’Malley later apologize for the comment saying, “it was a mistake.”

As the disturbance continued, Trump assured his audience that his response was not going to apologize or allow his speech to be hi-jacked. In reference to O'Malley's response to a similar disruption, Trump said:

“You see, he was politically correct. Two young women came up to the podium and took over his microphone. I promise you that’s not going to happen with me. Never going to happen.”

No arrests were made at the Birmingham rally, although Southall has been taken into custody numerous times for altercations in the course of his protests of what he terms “unfair treatment of blacks in America.”

Despite his claims that he was “punched in the face and kicked in the neck,” the Southall was able to walk out of the room without assistance and did not seek or require medical attention afterwards, according to Birmingham Police Lt. Sean Edwards.

Southall yelled at the crowd as he was being escorted from the rally, “Everybody here want me to leave? I don’t’ give a (expletive) what ya’ll think. I care about myself.”

The BLM activist, who has been known to be armed during staged demonstrations, told reporters afterward, “I wanted to let Donald Trump know he’s not welcome here.”

Trump, the current frontrunner for the Republican nomination for the presidency, has been assigned Secret Service protection by the government since November 11, as has Dr. Ben Carson, following death threats to both candidates.

The enhanced level of protection requires all persons attending rallies to pass through a metal detector as part of a screening process.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is also receiving the congressionally approved coverage, as did then-senator Barack Obama when he was at the same stage of his candidacy.

Hope Hicks, speaking on behalf of the Trump campaign, said it “does not condone this behavior,” but the candidate was more forceful, drawing attention to the media, which was covering the disturbance.

“Look at those bloodsuckers back there. Because you have a small group of people that made some noise and are being thrown out on their asses.”

The capacity crowd cheered.


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