What we’re currently witnessing before our eyes is a “perfect progressive storm”, where white guilt riddled progressive professors are now facing off with aggressive race baiting black students who have successfully intimidated these pathetic and gutless administrators including an Associate Vice President, yelling "You will give us the respect that we ask of you,” and presenting a list of segregationist demands.

The dust-up took place at one of Canada’s liberal arts colleges and has been caught on camera.

Brenda Whiteside, Associate Vice-President of Student Affairs at the University of Guelph, was trapped in her office by a gang of protesters who whooped and clicked their fingers as two of their number accused the college of being “rooted in anti-black racism.”

It would seem that the race pimps have learned their lessons well shouting; “How many racialised [sic] students do we have?” asks one protester. 

“White students can go in and talk to a white counselor. What about us?” The first adds: “Are you even around racialised people?”

Also disturbing are the plainly segregationist demands the students make.

Watch the video below:

They appear to tell administrators they cannot be represented or “validated” by white staff and that only black staff can cater to their needs. 

“We’re not being acknowledged. And that’s fundamentally problematic,” says a boy who identifies himself as a campus athlete.

Source: Breitbart

Black College Students Take VP’s Office By Storm Demanding ‘Racialised’ Black Staff"]
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