Victor Marx is a world famous martial artist. He holds a 7th-degree black belt in the defensive art of karate. Anybody who knows anything about martial arts knows such an achievement is no small feat.

He travels and teaches, but not in the way you might think. He has an incredible ability to disarm a mugger with a gun pointed to his head, and chances are he could teach one of us to do the same. 

His demonstrations in this regard are awesome, as you can see in the video clips.

However, he has another powerful skill set. He is a preacher and as important a skill as it is to be able to defend yourself and disarm a criminal, it is equally important to be able to arm yourself by putting on the full armor of God.

Mr. Marx grew up in an abusive home and spiraled into what could have become a life-long career as a drug-addicted criminal. Instead he chose the United States Marine Corp and the path of righteousness.

His ministry is one that takes him into the heart of our prison system, into our schools, and even around the globe. He encounters those, particularly young people, who believe God has forgotten them. 

In his journeys he gives hope to the hopeless, be they people in lands destroyed by war, or young people behind bars who made mistakes and think their lives are over.

Their lives are not over, and that is the message Mr. Marx brings to them. Beyond any degree of black belt, that is certainly his most rewarding talent.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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