Eye Empress Sekhmet… Okaaaay? Who and what is that? It sounds like a character from some sort of sci-fi movie.

It’s not. Or rather she’s not. Otherwise known by her planet earth name, Latausha Nedd, she is a Black Live Matters, F**k Yo Flag, thug-freak.

She is another, on the heels of the King Louis, King Fred, King whoever guy calling for open season on cops, white people, or “crackers” as they like to call them. Her royal idiot highness, the Eye Empress Sekhmet (really, you can’t say that enough, because it is just so very sci-fi nerd lame), made a three-minute video rant while displaying a machine gun and machete, encouraging the Black Supreme Power folks, and other black thugs, to overthrow police stations. She lives less than two-miles from Clayton County Police Station.

She is quite a prize. You have to check out the video to see all her facial piercings. Unfortunately, your entertainment at her scary lunacy is interrupted by the censoring and removal of her rant from YouTube, but you can get a feel for her diatribe at the link here.

Sekhment/Nedd has landed herself in some hot water. She is now under investigation by the FBI, the U.S. Marshals Service, and a joint terrorism task force. It would appear our government is taking one of the freak thugs seriously, for once.

One of the more interesting aspects of the video link is that the in-field reporter, who happens to be a black man, took the time to interview black members of the community and share the Empress’ video with them. In a fairer and certainly more balanced report of late, this shows that the thug movement is made up of violent radical minorities of the black community. Those interviewed, as with the majority of the black community, are appalled by these low-life thugs, such as the Eye Empress herself.

This is heartening in a big way because it shows that Obama's, Sharpton's, Holder's, Farrakhan's and others’ race-baiting is having little effect, except within those black communities that have been fraught with crime for decades (Ferguson, Oakland, Baltimore, etc.). Those communities are where the problem lies and the Administration needs to fix it, quit lying, and stop trying to gin it up everywhere else.

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