Syria is a mess. It is a cess-pool of violent Jihadis, each trying to kill the other. There has probably never been such a display of stunted evolution in all of the history of the world.

If ever there was a group of people to provide the evidence for a missing link, it is these throwbacks. It is so bad, that nobody knows who is fighting who.

Everyone is bent on killing each other. Maybe that wall Trump is talking about should be built around the entire region and the semi-humans can just have a go at each other.

A new video is making the rounds showing just how lethally stupid the akbar crowd is. Guns in hand, ammo running out, the concept of aim and then fire is lost on them.

They just point and shoot in the general vicinity of whatever moves. They can barely control the gun in their hand. Taking turns they step out from behind a wall and just fire away.

One Jihadi, who had the presence of mind to try and aim, but appearing to be a tad bit flummoxed by his gun, took a single shot to the head.

The world is not fighting an intelligent enemy. It is fighting a defective branch on the tree of life. It is time the branch was pruned, and quickly.

One sniper shot at a time, or en-masse with a few daisy cutters. Whatever gets the job done and the world rid of them.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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