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Watching this video one can’t help but almost feel a little sorry for this young girl.

Especially if you’re an adult and perhaps old enough to have a young daughter like “Chelsea” who suddenly becomes aware of politics and finds a “hero” in an old 74-year old socialist, who believes that everyone owes him a living, except perhaps himself.

Then suddenly experiences for the first time perhaps in her “young adult life”…”real life!”

No doubt to someone like a “Chelsea” who seems to have been brought up in a progressive “bubble-wrap” environment where colleges now have “free speech zones” and where students and professors validate each others points view, and were “comfort stations” now become “safe havens” that protect students from other opinions, having someone confront you with another point of view must indeed be “shocking” to a young mind.

If that other point of view is perhaps laced with some colorful language, than tears seem to follow.

As this 4-minute video posted on YouTube briefly chronicles “Chelsea” bubbling over and decrying those awful Trump supporters, wiping her tear streaked face and weeping “Chelsea” quickly becomes an emotional wreck.

She can’t stop crying because of the “bad nature” of Trump supporters.

One can only imagine when ol Socialist Bernie loses to Hillary, what will become of “Chelsea” and all those young college kids? Break out the hot coco, grab that teddy bear, and that security blanket, and now repeat after me “wuss-if-ication!”

h/t: Young Cons


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