Once again we’ve witnessed the great divide between those that would rather demagogue the issue of gun violence and those like neurosurgeon and presidential hopeful Doctor Ben Carson, responding to President Obama’s gun control message in the wake of the horrific mass shooting, at a Charleston, S.C., church is "certainly not the tone that I would have adopted I think we have to start going to the heart of the matter. The heart of the matter is not guns. The heart of the matter is the heart — the heart and soul of people."

Doctor Carson speaking on Fox’s Kelly File went onto elaborate “hate is destroying our nation." He continued by referencing the war on women, race wars, income wars, age wars and religious wars, have led to a divisive country.

"Anything you can imagine, we have a war on it, and we're giving people a license to hate people who disagree with them, to try to destroy their lives ... this will have consequences in our society."

"I hope we the American people can come to the understanding that we are not each other's enemies," Carson told Megyn Kelly. "The enemies are those who are stoking the flames of division trying to divide us in every category and weakening us as a society. You don't have to be all that observant to see what's happening to us."

What seemed a bit surprising was the immediate, universal and apparently scripted condemnation of guns by progressive Democrats, who used the tragedy to once again promote a false narrative. The group demagoguery began on Thursday only hours after the mass shootings and continued a few hours later with Clinton picking up where Obama left off and spewing almost the exact same verbiage, followed by a chorus of progressives, all drinking from the same cup.

However the real danger to America may not be the occasional mentally deranged bigot, but rather with a determined enemy infiltrating the homeland, with an ominous intent to repeat the carnage and terror of 9/11, and to that end churches and synagogues need to be vigilant and armed with security.





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