Ben Carson has been making a splash among Republicans ever since he had a strong showing at the GOP's first presidential candidate's debate. Carson, however, is doing much more than any of the other candidates to stand up to the race baiting and liberal agenda that surround so much of the country. And he's able to do it because he gets to the real problems at hand.

When asked by a CBS news anchor on "Face the Nation" what he would do to change the interactions between police and black people, Carson had a reasoned, logical approach.

"We need to introduce police into those communities early on, so that Little Johnny's first encounter with a policeman is somebody who's playing catch with him, not somebody who's chasing him down the alley with a gun."

When the news anchor responded to Carson with a quip about how police are actually targeting many black men and that many in the inner-city feel that, Carson delivered a powerful answer.

"Black lives matter, I think absolutely they matter, but we need to be worried about the fact that the most likely cause of death for young black men in the inner city is homicide, and most of those homicides are not coming at the hands of the police."

Carson's answer puts an immediate stop to the race baiting and the war mongering by so many liberals today who want to place the blame for black deaths at the hands of the police. At last we have a presidential candidate, who is black, but who is also willing to call things as they really are and not be cowed by the demands of political correctness.

Carson's solution to black-police relations is simple, and shows no signs of not working. Introduce police into communities earlier and stop young black men from killing each other. Onward Ben, let's see you bring some of these ideas out of the debate room and into action.

h/t: CNS News

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