Recently, GQ featured an article by Drew Magary entitled “F*** Ben Carson.” Magary’s piece was a hate-filled racist diatribe against Carson whereby he seemed to be trying to one-up himself with each insult he flung Carson’s way. It was quite juvenile to say the least.

When asked by Fox and Friends’ hosts what he had to say in response, Carson, in his peaceable manner, replied;

“I kind of feel sorry for people who are so consumed with hatred and intolerance that they behave in that manner. I say we should pray for them. That’s my reaction.”

When asked along the lines of how he felt about being called stupid by Magary, Carson chuckled and said;

“You know, it is kinda interesting, I mean, I wonder his accomplishments are? I suspect they probably pale in significance.”

Without a doubt.

Carson went on to add that hatred and intolerance does not allow for reasonable thought, that we ought not react, and with time those folks will learn there is “…a more productive way to conduct one’s self.”

Let’s pray they do.

Source: CNS News


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