Perhaps the most disturbing visual to date of the rioting in Baltimore wasn’t the pitched battle between a mob of adolescent black youths throwing rocks at a blue line of helmeted police, or a group of people rushing into a store and looting merchandise, or a reporter standing in front of a burned out building and describing the carnage that took place the night before, and while all of these visuals were indeed disturbing to watch, in that no civil society should endure these mindless acts of violence.

However perhaps the most disturbing video to watch was that of a white man being dragged out of a liquor store and surrounded by a mob of black youths and although its difficult to see exactly the moment the man was hit, the video shows the man being brutally beaten and stomped into unconsciousness, and while the video is eerily silent with no dialog and only about 13-seconds long and apparently shot from a distance away, the sheer brutality of this senseless act is still quite evident. It was assumed that the man was the owner of the liquor store however the victim’s identity and his condition wasn’t known at time of this report.

Since the funeral of Freddie Gray, violence has been sweeping through Baltimore with marauding youths moving from one neighborhood to another attacking police, looting and burning buildings and destroying property and sending almost two dozen police officers to seek medical attention.

Gray a black man who died from massive spinal injuries suffered while he was in police custody. The Department of Justice recently announced agents were looking into the mid-April incident to determine if Gray’s civil rights were violated. Family members of Gray, have said they were suing the city.

Meanwhile, National Guardsmen troops  took up positions across the city and hundreds of volunteers began sweeping the streets of broken glass and other debris, the morning after the riots.

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