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New Year’s Eve, 2016, in Cologne, Germany, is likely never to be forgotten. Not for 170 victims of assault at the hands of the mongrels, the Muslim “refugees” stalking the streets.

Certainly not for the 120 rape victims of those same jackals. This was terrorism, and a widespread attack to be sure.

The German law enforcement has identified 31 suspects, and taken 18 into custody. That’s all folks! Apparently handing out dance cards is a nicety of the Muslim men.

With such phrases like; “I want to f***,” or “I’m going to kill you,” and the subtle “nice breasts,” these Allah abiding pieces of cr** are proving to the world what Muslim refugee settlement brings. Demented trash.

Since the cops can’t get a handle on it, the 9,000 member strong Dusseldorf is Watching plans to take matter into their own hands.

Naturally, German cops are all up in non-armed pacifist arms and calling the vigilante group’s plan a bad one.

The Muslims in Cologne better get their act together and start forking over their miscreants.

Otherwise, it sounds like Dusseldorf is Watching will be coming to a neighborhood near you.

Let’s hope the thugs and rapists get what is coming to them and let’s hope it isn’t pretty.

Source: Mad World News


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