At a recent town hall meeting to sweet talk the American people to hop on board the tyranny train, President Obama lucked out in having to answer a question regarding the coming gun grab.

Arizona’s Pinellas County Sheriff, Paul Babeu, wanted to know what this executive action would have solved with respect to the mass shootings, terrorist attacks.

“The executive actions that you mentioned earlier … they are not written about in the Constitution.

I want to know and I think all of us really want to get to the solution: What would you have done to prevent these mass shootings and the terrorist attack?

And how do we get those with mental illness and criminals — that’s the real problem here — how are we gonna get them to follow the laws?”

The Great One’s answer? President Fumbelina inappropriately tried to throw a little levity at the situation in an effort to gather his “thoughts” and spouted this;

“Look. Crime is always gonna be with us.”

He trips along and then shoots for,

“All of us are interested in fighting crime. I’m very proud of the fact that violent crime rates have continued to go down during the course of my presidency.”


If the president’s position is that crime is always going to be with us, but that it has gone down during his term then why pursue gun control?

If things are so awesome because of him, and the Second Amendment as it stands since its been with us for 225 years (c. 1791), why is he not out there encouraging more people to carry?

The man is either and idiot or he is lying. Since he is one of the most masterful politicians this nation has ever known in terms of exerting his will, getting his way, and charismatically enchanting half the nation, we are left with deceit.

Therein lies the truth. Obama’s only goal is to disarm our nation. He begins with his Executive Order.

If you think it stops there, then you believe his lies, and between the two you, you are the idiot.

Source: Mad World News


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