When ISIS burned his nation’s pilot in a cage, King Abdullah of Jordan vowed revenge.

While we don’t hear much about his efforts in the news, he has been relentless and successful when it comes to his assaults on what he calls, “outlaws of Islam.”

Abdullah possess an understanding and intellect when it comes to what the world is dealing with. Radical Islam is not limited to the Levant.

It is global. You have ISIS/ISIL, al-Qaeda, and “…Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, al Nusra. Wherever you find them around the world—again as I said from Asia all the way to the African continent. There is either a full-out war or insurgency warfare.”

Fellow citizens, they are coming here, courtesy of Obama, we WILL begin to see the latter, and iifs not pro-active will fall into the former. There is no question.

Abdulla also recognizes this as World War III, for lack of a better term.

He said it will require, Muslims, Christians, Jews, and other faiths to destroy radical Islam.

Basically, world leaders better pull their heads out of their nether regions and get with the program in destroying Islamic terrorism.

As for his country’s approach, “I think you’ll see an increasing tempo.”

We need to see it from every nation across the globe. It is time to exterminate these demon spawns of hell.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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