When will the liberal gun control nuts learn that the 2nd Amendment saves lives?

It stops terrorists, would-be murderers, and your average armed home invasion robber.

Take the Ohio woman who was doing laundry, at home, with her children, for example. Three thugs busted into her home and held her and the children at gun point.

They demanded she show them “the money.” She took them to where her safe was located in the home. Two of the three stooges attempted to steal the safe.

The third held the woman and her kids at gun point, but only for a moment. When the thug diverted his attention, hero-mom darted off to get her own gun.

She fired at the robbers. They fled without firing back. One of the robbers was found dead, a bullet having pierced a major artery in his chest. 

The other two were apprehended. Perhaps in a nearly unheard of moment of justice, the two robbers will be charged with the felonious murder of the third.

Without a gun in her home, this responsible gun owner and her children may have made the news as the murdered victims of a home invasion robbery.

When three armed thugs enter your home to rob you, chances are they have more on their mind than just being lead to the money.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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