Recently a pair of armed thugs thought they had a bright idea to rob a pawn shop but they didn't expect their 'brilliant' plan to turn out the way it did. They should have realized that they made a huge mistake when they saw what was being sold at the store.

Mad World News has more:

The incident took place in Cobb Country, Georgia, where two thieves decided to steal from a local business. Although it’s unclear why they thought such a storefront would be a good location to rob, the thugs set their sights, no pun intended, on Dixie Gun and Pawn and headed into town.

As one would imagine, the store was full of guns, but that didn’t stop the idiots from barging their way inside while waving around their own firearms. All caught on video, the two thugs are seen walking through the door with weapons drawn – but their efforts would be short lived.

Just as common sense would indicate, one of the employees in the store was armed and didn’t hesitate when it came to taking action. With only a moment’s notice, the employee drew his firearm, took aim, and began to fire.

Chaos erupted with an exchange of gunfire, but it didn’t last long as one of the first shots the employee took struck one of the thugs, sending him to the floor. Although police reports have yet to indicate this officially, it appears as though the thief was shot in the head, rendering his body useless as he toppled to the floor.

Of course, the moron’s friend immediately took off running as soon as the gunfire started, but the employee was prepared nonetheless. As seen in the clip, after dropping one punk, he turned his gun on the other man fleeing the store at the time.

According to police, the first suspect died on the scene while the other was successfully able to get away. Officers currently don’t know who the second man is, but as they continue their investigation, he is obviously still being sought.

No one ever says you need to be smart to be a criminal – and these two morons prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt. You have to be a special kind of stupid to try to rob a place that has guns on the shelves. Of course, someone inside is going to be armed. Fortunately, this employee took care of business and was able to ensure that at least one of these punks couldn’t attempt to hurt anyone ever again.

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Source: Mad World News


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