Another one for the books. Criminals, it seems, aren't getting any smarter. In fact, they may be losing brain cells and smarts faster than anyone else in this world.

As evidence take a recent attempted robbery in Reading, Pennsylvania. The suspect is Victor Martinez-Herrera, a young man who was taking a taxi cab ride with Ralph Valletta. The taxi had stopped at a red light when Martinez-Herrera pulled out a gun and put it to Valletta's head.

"Give me all your money, man! Give me everything you've got!" yelled the 18-year-old gunman. Valletta responded that he had just started his driving shift and that he only had a paltry 11 dollars.

That seemed to enrage Martinez-Herrera and he started yelling. But, in all of this, the would-be-robber forgot one simple rule in crime. Always look behind you.

Stopped at the same traffic light, in fact immediately behind the taxi where this robbery was taking place, was a Deputy Sheriff in his patrol car. Deputy Terry Ely started to think that something was wrong when the taxi cab in front of him didn't move when the light turned green. After the light cycled several more times he exited his cruiser and walked up to the car.

When he got closer, Ely heard Martinez-Herrera shouting but didn't see the gun. But when Martinez-Herrera saw a police officer approaching he immediately dropped the gun, raised his hands in the air, and shouted "fake gun!"

The taxi driver, Valleta, couldn't contain his joy at being so lucky to have a police officer right behind him when he was getting robbed. "You’re a lifesaver, oh my God!" he said when Ely apprehended the gunman.

Stories like this need to go viral. So many Americans have been led by the media to distrust police officers and to believe that they aren't looking out for them. Folks, the police are our friends. Lets give them the support they deserve!

h/t: Fox 8 News

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