Threatening to kill Donald Trump, or anybody else for that matter, and encouraging others to do so, is against the law. However, when it comes to Donald Trump, the terms “double down” comes to mind.

Trump has made very clear his opinion, and his potential course of action if elected president, when it comes to Middle Eastern refugees being imported into the United States.  Let’s just say he is not a fan of the idea.

This does not sit well with self-proclaimed Muslim “Dooley.” His real name is Abdel Ibrahim and he recently released “CIT4DT.” That would be text lingo for, “Choppa in the Trunk 4 Donald Trump.”

Basically, Dooley is advertising that he has a semiautomatic rifle (Choppa), at the ready to pop The Donald.

We got a chopper in the trunk for Donald Trump / Catch his little p**** a** and give him this hundred round drum,”

Then he makes his real threat;

That’s why that n**** tried to poke you in Ohio / That’s why they shut yo a** down in Chicago / Don’t come to Baltimore unless you want to die though.”

It would nice to put the rest of his little ditty here for all too read. Unfortunately, it is so full of foul language the censoring of it would render it even more unintelligible than it already is.

Don’t bother remembering his name or face. He is nothing more than a piece of trash go-nowhere 15-minutes-fame-seeking example of the illiterate garbage our schools and neighborhoods are vomiting out on the nation.

Maybe he will find himself arrested. Then he can sing like a canary while his fellow inmate teach his  little “punk a**” what being a bad a** is all about.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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