Clinton supporters all across the country continue to rob and vandalize the property of Trump supporters across the nation. It has become clear that liberals are entitled to whatever opinion that they want no matter how offensive it may be, but if any of other American has an opinion, it has to align with the left or they are automatically labeled a bigot and a racist.

One of these major anti-Trump goons decided to try to steal a Trump sign in a man's front yard, but they never expected what this Trump supporter had planned for them.

It didn't take much time before the Trump supporter's  sign he had just recently placed in his front yard was quickly snatched up by a liberal idiot. The anti-Trump thief came onto his property and removed the sign, along with a handful of other Trump signs from nearby properties.

Philip did not let this little prank dampen his support for Donald and made sure to put out another sign shortly thereafter.

Sure enough the thief came back to steal the sign again, only this time Philip was ready. He had made sure to place a hidden camera on a nearby tree, facing the sign.

Then he placed a fishing wire painted green next to the sign and waited for the hilarity to ensue.

Philip didn't have to wait long before his new Trump sign served as perfect bait for the moronic sign-grabber and the video shows it all.

His plan played out perfectly as the female thief came back a second time to steal the Trump sign and was met with a nasty surprise.

The thief had no way of knowing that the homeowner had attached fishing wire to the sign and when she attempted to make off with it, she fell face first into the grass.

The Trump supporter believes in people's right to an opinion. "Whether it’s a Bernie or Hillary or a Trump sign, you might disagree with whatever the politics are, but it’s not yours. Leave it alone," he commented.

It just goes to show if you fight dirty like Hillary Clinton and the rest of the left you're going to end up falling flat on you face.

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Source: Mad World News


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