If you follow those prime time political pundits, those "self-anointed” political experts on either side of the political spectrum, then of course you’re familiar with conservative analyst, and best-selling author, and “fire breathing” pundit Ann Coulter who has made bashing Obama and the progressive establishment as entertaining and as colorful as perhaps “The Donald” himself, in that nether of them subscribe to politically correct orthodoxies when describing Obama’s Middle Eastern policies.

Coulter who appeared on “Fox News Monday” once again pulled no punches in suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin orchestrated the chemical weapons attacks in Syria to “make Obama look like a monkey.”

She continued her analogy with Fox News host Sean Hannity saying that it’s “not looking good for Obama.”

“These Democrats think being President is a Hollywood movie and if they just come out and say it’s in America’s national security interest Americans will all swoon like they do in ‘The West Wing’ when Aaron Sorkin is writing it.

But it’s not that way in real life, Americans have a vague grasp of what our national security is which is why they supported the war in Iraq and they do not support this nonsense.”

Later in the day Coulter took to tweeting and doubling down on her early comments; “I just tweeted out a very interesting article from the tablet suggesting that this whole thing was set up by Putin to make Obama look like a monkey. I mean, he controls Assad. Assad is his puppet.”

Whether one agrees with Coulter’s assertions or not, one thing is evident in that Obama has lost all credibility both at home and abroad when it comes to fighting “the war on terror!”

Source: Daily Caller


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