Amy Schumer is known across the country for being a raunchy comedian and actor. Lately she has been getting a little extra attention, but it's not the kind of attention she wants.

Schumer has been very outspoken about her political views, specifically regarding her intense disdain for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. It would seem by looking at the polls alone that there a few people in America that might disagree with her opinions on Trump, quite a few in fact.

She recently did a special in Tampa, Florida, where she chose to try to make a few political comments about Trump, but it seems the punch line didn't land quite like she had expected and the whole thing blew up in her face.

Around the middle of her show at the Amelie Arena, Schumer brought up a Trump supporter on stage. She asked the audience member, "Dave" "I am in no way trying to shame you. I just really want to know how Trump has your vote?"

Dave responded by explaining that he is "Republican in name only" and that he hasn't voted for any of the GOP candidates since Ronald Regan. He also explained that he "can't trust Hillary," to which the crowd reacted with cheers of agreement.

Schumer then came after Dave, asking if he was worried "Trump will be impulsive and get us in a lot of fucking trouble," before she sent him off stage.

"That was cool, to see why one guy — who doesn’t seem like a psychopath — why he would want to vote for an orange, sexual-assaulting, fake- college-starting monster," said Schumer after Dave returned to the audience.

Things only went down hill as the movie star from "Trainwreck" began taking her role a bit too seriously. She made a comment saying that Trump "wants to finger his daughter."

By then the crowd had had enough and boos and yells of disapproval rang out around the arena.

"Look, I know you’re here to laugh," said Schumer as the boos from the crowd grew louder. "But it’s really important. I just wanted to spend five minutes talking about him… [inaudible due to booing] … You can leave if you want, but I’m going to talk about it for five minutes."

Realizing that she had lost control, Schumer did what any good liberal would do, just remove any voices that don't support your point. "Just so you know, if you yell out, you’re going to get thrown out," said Schumer.

"If you yell, I’m going to throw you out. Ok, people are booing, so go."

The Tampa Bay Times reported that roughly 200 people got up and left the show. It just goes to show that Trump still has a lot of support and his supporters are not going to tolerate being treated like garbage.

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Source: Daily Caller


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