The man who created the Twilight Zone, the actors who played ‘Hoss’ on Bonanza, Jim Rockford, and Marshall Dillon, senators, a president and a horse who served during the Korean conflict have each received the Purple Heart in recognition of receiving wounds in the line of duty as a member of the U.S. Armed Services.

The medal is theirs to do with as they wish – well, the human recipients, at least!

They’ve earned it and no one dares challenge a vet’s right to wear his Purple Heart in Veterans’ Day parades, bequeath it to his children, keep locked away or use it as a keychain.

Except those in the media, of course, if a veteran chooses to present his well-earned medal to its less-than-favored-candidate.

That’s just what happened when Retired Lt. Col. Louis Dorfman gave Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump his Purple Heart at a rally in Ashburn, Virginia.

“Something very nice just happened,” Trump told the audience, explaining that the vet had given him the medal and said, “I have such confidence in you.”

Calling it “such an honor,” Trump asked Dorfman up to the stage and then joked, “I’ve always wanted to get the Purple Heart – this was much easier,” a comment that was rewarded with a laugh by the crowd – and Dorfman, but which drew massive criticism from the press.

One reporter even claimed the vet confided in her that the medal was a fake.

Dorfman, however, was quick to jump to Trump’s defense, appearing on television to set the record straight and explain why he made the significant gesture to the billionaire businessman turned presidential candidate.

Dorfman said he gave Trump his medal to remind him of all the those who have fought and died for America, adding that he feels Trump would make a good Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

When asked if he had any regrets about parting with the symbol of his sacrifice, Dorfman, who was wounded in Iraq in 2007, responded with an emphatic, “No!” adding that Trump had asked if he wanted the medal back.

Dorfman brushed off the criticism Trump has received for his onstage joke. “He took it in the manner in which I gave it.”

The Purple Heart recipient also took the opportunity to shoot down the reporter's assertion that the medal was not real, confirming that the genuine item was right where he wanted it to be – with Donald Trump.

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