Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, U.S. Marine Corps, Lt. General Vincent Stewart, knows a thing or two about warfare and dealing with the enemy. With respect to the modern world, he says we are facing growing threats by China, Russia, and of course the Middle East. Lt. General Stewart makes a point of saying the ISIS has a foothold in the region, well beyond the borders of the Levant.

“With affiliates in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, the group is beginning to assemble a growing international footprint that includes ungoverned and under governed areas.”

Battling this enemy, as we all know, is going to take some serious commitment and intent to win, as well as some leadership. Mysteriously, Lt. General Stewart’s most profound statement along these lines, is nowhere to be found in video clips of his lecture. No matter, the link here provides for his blunt point;

“US President Obama has no intention of being a leading part of that team.”

“When will he learn that diplomacy doesn’t work with savages!”

Unfortunately, Lt. General Stewart, you and the rest of us know the answer to that question-NEVER.

President Obama is not in-it-to-win-it. He believes, deep down in his misguided soul, that appeasing these savages and arming them, and of course belittling our country in the process, is how he is going win in a war against Islamic extremism.

Fortunately, we have men such as yourself, Lt. General Stewart, who believe otherwise

Source: QPolitical

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