American soldiers have a hard job, especially during the holidays. They risk their lives in the service of their country and they have to be separated from their loved ones to do it.

That's what made one American businessman's kind gesture to a group of soldiers waiting in an airport so meaningful. The businessman, Schlomo Rechnitz, is the founder of TwinMed, a medical supply distributor that operates across the U.S.

He spoke to a group of over 400 U.S. soldiers who were waiting for flights out of Ireland's international airport and eating a cold meal from paper sacks.

"To go out and see a bunch of Army soldiers and marines, that's something that makes me proud. I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart," said Rechnitz.

He continued his praise of the soldiers saying, "You protect me and you protect my family."

But Rechnitz's holiday generosity went way beyond just thanking the soldiers. He generously provided each of the soldiers with $50 to use at any of the restaurants and shops in the Ireland airport. The businessman wanted to make sure that the soldiers could "have a warm meal on me."

His generosity is going viral and for good reason.

Rechnitz is a prime example of the way that American prosperity can be used to benefit other people. It's inspiring to see someone use so much of his hard-earned money to support the soldiers who are working to save the country that he calls home.

By quick calculation, Rechnitz's support of the soldiers comes out to around $20,000. That's a huge gift to just hand out to soldiers and it's obvious that this wasn't a media ploy to gain attention.

Though most of us don't have $20,000 to spare that we can donate to homesick soldiers, we do have letters, social media, and the internet. Thank you for your holiday example, Mr. Rechnitz!

h/t: Western Journalism

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