Al Sharpton…tax evader, race baiter, and all around thug.  Don’t you just love him? It turns out that they guy has been around nearly a quarter of a century stirring up racial division, encouraging hatred of whites, and cop killing. 

Yes, cop killing. Twenty-four year ago, the younger Al spoke at Kean University in New Jersey. There he preached murder of cops. There is video to prove it.

“I don’t believe in marching!” This would seem to be a dig at civil rights great, Martin Luther King, Jr.

“I believe in offing the pigs!”  Those six little words should have had the man thrown in prison long ago, for breaking the law and encourage violence, even murder. His ongoing promotion of violence among the black thug crowd, coupled with his multi-million dollar tax evasion should have him sitting in the hoosegow right now!

Yet, he struts around like a rooster.

Fox News host Jesse Watters wants to know why the guy is not a topic of conversation among the mainstream media. Well, it would be because the mainstream media are a bunch of leftists who actually like violence. They race to report it.

Perhaps the bigger question is Watters concern as to why President Obama would want this hateful black man who encourages cop-killing to be an adviser, a sage, on racial issues.  Really?

The answer is because we have the Thug-in-Chief sitting in the White House and he likes all the ginned up black hatred.

Yet, Trump is who the mainstream media lambasts as a racist.  Proof you cannot trust the mainstream to be truthful. The only thing you can count on is their pursuit of the left-wing agenda, even if it mean compromising the principles of decency.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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