One can only wonder in hindsight if the Bill Clinton of the 90’s would have been so blunt and remarkably “truthful” in confronting that “Black Lives Matter” protester or would he have simply attempted to carefully spin his way around the issue?

Obviously we’ll never know, however one thing is certain ol hound-dog Bill has created “quite-a-stir”, among the politically correct progressive establishment, and also in particular with one “race baiter” my the name Al (shady) Sharpton.

Clinton’s “lucid” however brief moment of truth came at a Philadelphia rally last week. When demonstrators inveighed against the 1994 crime bill signed by Clinton, the former president gave much better than he got.

He rebutted them in finger-wagging detail, repeatedly returning to the point that the crime bill sought to diminish the rampant criminality that was destroying black lives.

He defended the old term “super predator” as an accurate description of gang leaders who prey on kids, not realizing that the phrase has been deemed dehumanizing (gang leaders are very sensitive to such descriptions).

Clinton forgot that this is 2016, and not the 90’s, where “politically correct speech” is now the only acceptable form of speech, where we no longer reference an obvious act of terrorism as an “act of terrorism”…but rather as “ workplace violence.”

Moreover, this is the “Obama era” where we refuse to identify our enemies for fear of hurting their feelings, so it only stands to reason that “Socialists” like Bernie and “race baiters” like Sharpton are demanding that ol hound-dog Bill apologize, and perhaps get up to speed, and join in the “transformation of America.”

Here is some more background on how Clinton has gotten BLM all over his case.

Do you think there is no bottom to how low Sharpton and Sanders will stoop to kiss up to the black community for votes and cash?


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