“I believe we'll have a directed energy pod we can put on a fighter plane very soon.”

No, that is not a line from Star Wars or Star Trek or any other science fiction fantasy.

Those are the words of United States Air Force General Hawk Carlisle. Carlisle was speaking at the Fifth Generation Warfare lecture and said that we are not that far away from “energy pods” meaning laser weapons on our military aircraft. When? It’s looking like we might be seeing these in action in about 5 years (2020), although drones may be in the air within 3 years (2018).

The official name of the weapons project is the High Energy Liquid Lase Area Defense System (HELLADS), the fancy name for bad-ass-laser-gun-on-plane. The weapon is planned to be 10x smaller and lighter than our current laser weapons and will be air-deployable, in addition to our current land and sea laser weaponry.

The system will be put through a rigorous series of tests, but the US Air Force appears to be confident in its abilities and timeline to deployment.

The significance of this technological advancement in laser weaponry is one that you must witness to get an appreciation for. The video link will provide you with this opportunity. Keep in mind the HELLADS is planned to be plane mounted.

So, if you can imagine something small enough to fit on a plane, but do the damage that a ship-based laser weapon can accomplish, and in consideration of the quantity of these weapons systems that could be deployed on hundreds of planes, you can rest a little easier at night, knowing the US Air Force is working hard to keep us safe and living up to their motto:

“Aim High…Fly-Fight-Win.”

Source: MRCTV

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