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Quite frankly it was impossible to sit through this video, and within about 2-minutes I turned it off, questioning why anyone with any self-respect and a smidgen of common sense would actually want to record themselves like this, is beyond any normal understanding.

She sounds stoned either drunk or on drugs, and apparently is looking for her 15-minutes of fame and remarkably she’s actually getting it, so perhaps we’re the fools for actually paying attention to this “train-wreck”.

The irony is this woman wants to be “self employed” while receiving welfare benefits, and then exclaims “she doesn’t want to work”, which obviously makes no sense, which is actually the hallmark of her entire video.

She wants to be an artist, but is just too lazy to ever make that work. And being self-employed requires a ‘work ethic.’ Something this woman has no clue about.

She doesn’t want to talk to people, but goes on You Tube?

Moreover she doesn’t care about putting food on the table (whatever that means); however she doesn’t look like she’s missed too many meals…once again a “train-wreck!”

However what’s truly sad is that this is a relatively young woman with a dead-end future, and absolutely nothing to look forward too, her vision of being an artist requires passion, persistence and little thing called "talent."

Do you think entitlement abuse is out of control?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Tell Me Now

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