Baltimore, Maryland is becoming the stuff of nightmares. It is one thing for stupid low-life black thugs to be rioting, because that seems to be the trend anywhere a black person is killed by a white cop for being a murderous animal. Now the scum-of-the-streets black teenagers of Baltimore are getting in on the act.


On the left you have Richard Fletcher, the victim of 50 pieces of crap depraved teenagers who beat him to the point he was left a quivering mass of bloody and broken bones. On the right you have the arrogant face of one of the teens who took part in this brutal near killing.

Several of Fletcher’s ribs were broken, and that is the least of his worries.

His eyeballs were almost beaten out of his skull courtesy of the pack of animals who pulverized the bones of his eye sockets. Surgical repair is a given.

His nose was turned into a pile of mush. Likely yet another surgery.

Given all of the facial reconstruction this man will have to endure, one has to wonder if, when he recovers, he will recognize his own face.

One can only imagine the horror of being swallowed into a crowd of 50 violently crazed animalistic human beings where you are beaten and left to die on the street.

The 50 teens literally beat this man apart internally. This is like the violence waged under Robespierre in France, during their Revolution. Fletcher was nearly killed for asking two teenage female spawn to get off of his car and take their scrapping elsewhere. Enter the 50 freaks. Was this some sort of set-up? You have to wonder.

The Baltimore County Police have rounded of five of these wastes of skin and hope to nab the other 45. If ever there was a hate crime, this was it. Antoine Lawson, 17 years old, will be charged with attempted murder. He should have fun in prison.

There is no justice that can be meted out in this situation. Fletcher will physically recover, but the nightmare of that day will haunt him for the rest of his life.

h/t: Breit Bart

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