Over the course of months we have witnessed the blacklivesmatter movement blip on and off the media radar.

Typically, it only makes it on the radar if a black thug is killed at the hands of a non-black person. It is extraordinarily rare that the reverse ever makes the air waves.

As such, this story went largely un-noticed. Three black thuggettes attacked a homeless white man in the Olney neighborhood of North Philadelphia.

The man had been pumping gas at a service station, trying to make a few bucks, when a ghetto van rolls up, three women roll out and they proceed to assault the man. They used their fists, feet, hammer, a chair leg, and their children as means to take the poor guy to the ground.

Mr. Robert Barnes succumbed to his injuries and died after spending the months between the beating and present in a coma (April to November 25).

The reason for the beating was that one of the murderer’s 10-year old son had come home late and rather than fess-up as to his whereabouts, lied and said the victim beat him.

Justice will have its day in court to be sure. Perhaps the greatest justice is meted out to the 10-year old boy who lied. He has to carry that burden for the rest of his life, and rightly so. He killed someone with his words alone.

How disgusting and shameful of these women, their kids, and as an aside, the guy in the background who does nothing to stop the madness.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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