Now look who’s deplorable!

That word has been in the news lately ever since a tape of Hillary Clinton telling a room full of rich donors that no less than half of Trump supporters are not only “deplorables,” but “irredeemable” and “not American.”

Deplorable is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as, deserving strong condemnation, disgraceful, shameful, inexcusable, unforgivable,” but Clinton used the usual liberal terms – racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamaphobic – to describe half of the 14 million American voters who cast their ballot for the brash billionaire businessman in primaries held in all 50 states over a nearly five month campaign.

Apparently, disagreeing with liberal Democrat positions on immigration, traditional marriage and Islamic terrorism is so far beyond the pale as to be unpardonable, so it leaves one wondering what word Clinton would use to describe people who actually commit crimes.

Presumably, the Democrat presidential candidate would denounce those who violate the law by intentionally destroying the property of others in equally damning terms.

Certainly, the woman who feels qualified to denounce at least seven million American voters for the “crime” of not wanting her to become president, would be comfortable doing the same about whoever would vandalize more than 20 cars parked outside a venue holding a Trump rally.

Surely, anyone who would spray paint a car as an attack against the owner for exercising his First Amendment rights to assemble and engage in free speech would fall into the category of a “deplorable” – someone deserving strong condemnation, disgraceful, shameful, inexcusable, unforgivable” – right?

Police in Bangor, Maine are investigating the vandalism that occurred when the cars were sprayed with white paint during a Trump rally nearby, seeking witnesses and any available surveillance video to find the perpetrators.

No word, as of yet, from the Clinton campaign as to whether the thugs are forgivable or irredeemable.

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